Tailored for those who want to build the foundation knowledge
to start talking confidently about the Häcker product.

New to Häcker?

Our New-User Certification is tailored for those who want to build the foundation knowledge to start talking confidently about the Häcker product through understanding the core product ranges, quality and pricing system. Recognising the tools and avenues in place to make working with Häcker easy and affective for you.

Training Overview

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As a family owned business, our thoughts, actions and opinions are extremely value-oriented. Deeply rooted in the region, we grow like a strong tree. Internally, we have established the following values. They form the basis for further development and are the DNA that makes us who we are.

Welcome to the Häcker family – we trust that you will feel at ease within our unique corporate culture.

  • History of the German Kitchen
  • Brand USPs
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Product Overview
  • Blaupunkt
  • Customer Service & Support
The philosophy of German engineering is to find the ideal component for the job, creating the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and cost. The process of finding and using reputable components runs through rigorous testing to ensure every element used is of the Häcker quality mark. Giving the customer choice without compromising on quality. This module will help you understand some of the key components that make up our furniture and the various finish options available.

  • Fronts
  • Carcase
  • Component Brands
  • Surrounding Materials
  • Worktops
  • Lighting Intro
This module is required to understanding module 3 – Sales Manuals

Our sales manuals are extensive, but they are also systematically laid out in chapters for you to find what you need when designing with Häcker products. In this module; we take a hands-on approach to using the price books and together work through pricing up some of the more basic elements of a kitchen. Discussing options, codes and price groups as we work through the various chapters.

You will need a pen, paper, a calculator and your Häcker sales manuals to work through the exercise together.

  • Chapter 1 – Product Guidelines
  • Surcharges & Modifications
  • Pricing & Codes
  • Base Units & Tall Units
  • Gable Ends
  • Glass Fronted/ Wall Units
  • Worktop & Splashbacks

In this digital era users like yourself want easy and quick access to information, here at Häcker we have embraced all that is digital. Through our online tools and platforms we want to support you in providing the most up to date information to your customer and colleagues. Join us on a tour of the Häcker Extranet exclusive to Häcker partners where you can track your order, search product details, download useful information and much more.

  • Häcker Website
  • Extranet Log In & Dashboard
  • Tracking Orders
  • Image Database
  • Unit Search & Product Pilot
  • Reclamation Tool
  • Online Shop
  • Ecom Ordering


These sessions run from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Spaces are limited to allow for smaller group interaction.

Once you have sold your first kitchen and are ready to place your first Häcker order, then book a one-on-one chat with your trainer to run through any final questions you may have. Together we will ensure your order has all of the information our Häcker order processors will need to check and process your order smoothly. If you are using Winner or 2020, we can also get you set up to use EANCom Easy Ordering directly off your CAD package.

  • Design Check
  • Annotations and communication
  • Plans & Elevations
  • Account & User Settings
  • Order – Element List
  • EANCom Set Up
  • Demo Order

Send an email to: ecom(at) to book a virtual appointment.

Includes free set-up for Winner Users using EANCOM easy ordering & test order demonstration.

Your Benefits

Each New-User Certification attendee will be awarded a certificate upon completion of modules 1 - 4 and will join the Häcker Training Community; this gives them early access to upcoming webinars and other online events, contact with the trainer for technical support and access to our Service Guarantee for order processing. Classes are kept to smaller numbers to allow for interaction, spaces are limited and by reservation only. All classes are done online and are FREE OF CHARGE for you as registered Häcker Trade partners.


Once you are a Certified Häcker User, its time to set out designing and selling those beautiful Häcker kitchens. Your training journey however, does not end here. Self-teaching is also an important part of your journey and we will mentor you and answer any questions you may have.

Keep in touch

As you push your knowledge boundaries and experiment with our product, we remain available to support you with any technical queries you may have.
Contact us on 0207 723 5131
or info(at)

Service Guarantee

Prior to sending your first order we will enrol you on our Service Guarantee program; supporting you for the first three months from your order being placed.


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*Sometimes emails land up in spam or get blocked by company mail servers. If you don't receive an email, please try another email address!