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Worktop wall units

To gain even more storage space and utilize the entire height of your rooms, you can plan worktop wall units. These can be planned right up to just below the ceiling, so that you are not limited to the height of your tall units.

In addition, you have the possibility to get your worktop wall units in a depth of up to 56cm with the additional price MP-OTE. Imagine the endless planning possibilities!

To make the planning of the combination of tall and worktop wall units perfect, you can plan with formed gable ends up to 2.60m and vertical channel handles up to 4.50m! This way you can create a wonderfully coherent picture and give the appearance of installing oversized units.

Sloping roof

Another highlight of our worktop wall units is the possibility to plan them into a sloping roof.

With the additional price MP-DA you get the lateral bevel adapted to your individual needs. In this case, not only the front, but the entire unit is adapted. Each unit is tested by our qualified technicians and produced in-house. So you can really get the maximum out of your planning and find solutions for every challenge.