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The Selection´s colour selection is designed to motivate active colour choices. We all know that colour is important, but we often avoid using colour in fear of making a mistake.

The new colours Burgundy, Eucalyptus, Ocean, Natural Umber, Blackberry and Azur are bringing lively accents to modern kitchen planning.









Natural Umber


All shades are coordinated in such a way that they are ideal partners for all natural and wooden shades as well as for black and graphite. Our Selection colours are real all-rounders and facilitate colour selection for creative kitchen planning.


Light is particularly important for dark colours. Through the absence of daylight, a dark violet, for example, might appear almost black. The colour of artificial lightning also plays an important role here.


Those who like it calm are in good hands with Azur. Because blue is the colour of trust, stability and tranquility. Blue, and especially a greenish blue, calms our central nervous system.


Red is a colour that stimulates our central nervous system and makes us very active. Warm colours like burgundy also have a stimulating effect and increase appetite. This colour has a subtle energy of its own, which is especially strong in combination with other warm colours.


Ocean, the symbol of reliability, sovereignty and strength. Dark blue shades radiate confidence and maturity. Ocean provides inner contemplation and yet provides foresight. Probably the most popular color of all- it stands for balance and contentment, for truth, honesty and creativity. A real allrounder.


Naturalness in its purest form. The earthy base shade of Natural Umber provides a stability and a feeling of security. Earth tones appear always calming and cozy. We associate Natural Umber with comfort, gentleness and nature. A great shade that lends wooden colours and black a radiance all of their own.


A colour that unites growth, nature and freshness. Eucalyptus is like the harmonious center and stands for tranquility and serenity. Green tones represent relaxation and kindness. The matt green shade of eucalyptus is also revitalizing. It ensures a vital spirit, caresses our soul and spreads a calm mood. As a symbol for the soothing powers of nature, this shade is strongly reminiscent of medicinal herbs and fragrant essences. So it is an ideal partner in the kitchen planning.