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The Qanto is a real highlight in kitchen planning. Due to the electric trays with infinite adjustability, it offers a noble solution for 65×65 cm corners with a 90° filler.

In the standard version with two plastic trays, the upper one can support 10 kg and the lower one 15 kg. Thanks to the socket on the lifting column, you have the possibility to store equipment on the lower shelf without losing space on the countertop.

Since the Qanto can extend up to 50 cm, it presents itself in an impressive way in the kitchen. In addition, you should keep in mind that you do not build wall units over the Qanto, as it can lift them out of the fixtures due to its great strength.

In addition to the option with two plastic trays, we offer you the possibility to exchange the upper tray for an adapter plate for countertop inserts. This way, the Quanto almost completely disappears when it is closed. Only the noble frame remains visible. We offer inserts in 16, 25 and 40 mm thickness. Please note that the additional load will affect the load-bearing capacity of the Qanto.

You can find out more about this on page 2/16 in the sales manual.

In order to install the Qanto optimally, we provide you with the necessary spacer as well as the fastening material for mounting on the following cabinets. This results in the restriction that no under-cabinet devices can be installed in the direct connection.