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Pocket Doors

A very elegant variant of the rotary sliding door is the Pocket Door. The system, consisting of a carcase, front and 25 mm thick formed gable ends, can hide storage units, as well as equipment units, and still allows full access to all interior areas.

Your planning freedom includes not only one but two sliding doors and the possibility to plan the Pocket Doors in a row connection as well as a free-standing module. You also have the choice between the B535/550/615 and 624 for the corresponding bar handle. Each shelf can carry 10 kg, so you can store all your utensils without having to worry about the load. And because the shelves are adjustable, you can fully customize them to meet your customers’ needs. The standard soft closing makes every closing pleasant and this tall unit a must have.

If you plan tall units behind the pocket doors, they are installed without fronts, except for refrigerators and freezers, this allows you easy and direct access. Drawers and pull-outs are accordingly replaced by internal drawers and pull-outs.

To order these tall units, you need to add an “S” to the part number so that the units are delivered adjusted. If you want to install a heat-generating appliance behind a pocket door, remember to use the SIBO 235 or 385 automatic shut-off system. This automatic system monitors the closing of the door when the appliance is switched on and switches it off after 90 seconds. This way you can be sure that nothing will happen, even if you accidentally close the doors.

In addition to the wide range of tall units that you can plan behind the Pocket Doors, you can also conceal wall and base units behind them. This requires an additional interior frame for the sliding door system. In this way, you can provide your customers with an infinite number of individual plans and they will all be absolute eye-catchers.

Here are a few planning tips to make working with the Pocket Doors as easy as possible:

  • Avoid planning units or elements above the Pocket Doors, as the fitting overlaps by 5 mm.
  • The handle systems M700/720 etc. can only be planned for pull-outs within the system, doors with these handle variations would lead to collisions.
  • And last but not least, no high-mounted dishwashers, washing machines or dryers may be installed.
  • If you keep these planning tips in mind, nothing will stand in the way of your highlight in the kitchen.