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The LeMans corner unit impresses with its high utility. The two swivel shelves that are height adjustable and available in both wood with railing and plastic offer a lot of space. In addition, the shelves are equipped with a soft damping to let them retract smoothly when closing. The carcase width is 100 cm for all versions, but the door width is variable (40, 45, 50, 60 cm) and there is an option to get the LeMans with a drawer above the door.

When planning a LeMans, it should be noted that the load capacity of the wooden or plastic shelves differs (15 kg versus 25 kg). Furthermore, the selected door width has an influence on the size of the shelves inside. While the 60 cm front still allows a shelf area of just under 35 dm², a 45 cm front only allows 24 dm².