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Colour variety


Systemat offers an entry into a very individual color world with 190 RAL colors.

To ensure a complete fitted kitchen being planned in the chosen colors throughout, the surrounding materials, such as visible sides, plinths, corniches and light strips, plinth end caps, niche paneling, formed gable ends etc. can be painted accordingly.

RAL colors have names and numbers. It ranges from RAL 1000- green beige to RAL 9018- papyrus white. Depending on the material properties, the painted color may differ from the color sample.


Most people are not aware of how important color is, especially the right color. Small differences can have a huge impact on the overall impression.
The Natural Color System was introduced in 1979 as a result of more than 30 years of color research. With this system, it is possible to adapt each color individually to the material, the room, the lightning and even existing furnishings. Many interior designers work precisely with this system. So, it makes perfect sense to use NCS for kitchen furniture as well.

Every person is unique and very individual. So why should we set limits to the choice of kitchens. With NCS, Häcker offers a color selection of over 2000 possibilities.
No matter whether the front should be purist smooth, a frame front or a country style front. There are seven ranges to choose from.
Five ranges for matt lacquer and two ranges in lacquered ash.
For the communication of the color, the correct denomination is required. This color code describes the exact composition of the color.
For example:

NCS S 1040-R20B or
NCS S 2060-B30G.


AV 6000

AV 5007

AV 5035

AV 5045

AV 5055

AV 6035

AV 6055