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Colour psychology

In this section we’ll be presenting words that have been found to be linked with colours in research studies from around the world. 


One thing to really consider here is that yellow with a hint of green is considered to relate to words like coward, fake and madness. Just to say yellow is not accurate enough. Different yellows have different meanings.

So, once again, conscious colour choices based on accurate colour descriptions are important. 


Red is one of the most studied colours that has the clearest meanings to us. It is a colour that triggers our central nervous system and makes us very active. It is also a colour that attracts us and our attention. Historically, red used to be a very masculine colour, associated with blood. The men went off to war. Today, red is more associated with female beauty and with sexuality. 

Waitresses wearing red receive more tips. People who drive red cars have more accidents. Teams wearing red believe they are invincible. Recent research showed that judges tended to give teams / players wearing red more points, simply because they paid more attention to red. It’s a great colour to use if you want to attract attention! 

Blue is the colour of trust, stability and calm. Blue, and especially greenish blue, calms our central nervous system.


Blau ist die Farbe des Vertrauens, der Stabilität und der Ruhe. Blau, und besonders grünliches Blau, beruhigt unser zentrales Nervensystem.

Many companies choose to use blue in their corporate colour. Swedish ATMs are blue because of this.


Green is also a colour of calm and balance. It is, by definition, the colour of nature. Depending on the kind of green, it can also be the colour of envy and disgust. Today the colour green is more important than ever.