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Colour in marketing

Do looks really matter?

Yes. When it comes to your purchase decision, it really does.

Did you know that, according to a recent research study, 92.6% of your purchase decision is based on a visual assessment of the product? How the product looks is far more important than its function, quality, branding.

Colour is almost everything

We know that 92.6% is based on whether you like and want to purchase the product or not. Within that decision, 90% of that is based purely on colour. If you don’t like the colour, you simply won’t buy the product.

You are searching for the perfect handbag

You fall head over heels in love with the designer handbag in this picture. Would you buy it even though you don’t like the colour? In most cases you wouldn’t, unless you’re getting a big discount.

Verner Panton

“Choosing colour should not be a gamble but a conscious decision, as colours have meaning and function“

Colour should always be an integral decision in all of our designs. It should never be tagged onto the end of the design process. The colour of any design could be the difference between complete success and complete failure. Verner Panton is one of many designers who understood this.