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Colour in architecture

“Colour is an incredibly effective triggering tool.”

Being that colour is so important, over the years, a lot of experts in the fields of art and science have researched and attempted to explain colour, in order to help others.

Le Corbusier identified the importance of colour in architecture at an early age and invested much of his time developing tools and solutions that would help other architects.

– Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, aka Le Corbusier

He created a colour keyboard

He called it the Architectural Polychromy & Colour Keyboard, a tool for finding colour combinations for architecture. This is one of many examples of colour tools that have been created to motivate active colour choices, rather than leaving everything white, grey or black. We all understand that colour is important, but a lot of people avoid using colour for fear of making a mistake.

Colours attract tourists from all around the world

Paris is famous for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and one of the only cities to have that reputation despite very little colour. There is one street in Paris with plenty of colour, Rue Crémieux. It is just a normal street, but a very colourful one. And simply because of the colours, it has become one of the most popular streets in Paris among tourists. Simply because of the colours… That shows you how much appeal colour has!

“The facades along Rue Crémieux in Paris attract many tourists who want to take pictures. The residents on that street have had enough and want to seal off the street”.

Statistics on exterior colour design

Despite understanding the importance of colour in architecture, the latest statistics from around the world show that around 74% of new buildings have white or grey exteriors.