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Carousel unit

Carousel base units can be planned in the dimensions 80×80 cm and 90×90 cm. Here, the 90×90 variant is much more popular, as the doors, each 30 cm wide instead of 20 cm, offer more space for storage.

The 270° rotating shelves, which are made of plastic or wood with railing, are attached to a 360° rotating device to remain very accessible. Once the rotation is complete, the doors close gently by themselves and the space miracle is hidden again. The load capacity of the wooden version is 15kg, the plastic version even 20kg.


In order for the doors, and consequently the rotating shelves, to rotate through the entire cabinet, the cabinet bottom is lowered, increasing the overall cabinet dimension from, for example, 78 cm to 80.9 cm. In combination with a plinth at least 10cm height, this allows for optimal use and functioning. This should be taken into consideration when planning an island, as a back panel must cover the difference to adjoining cabinets.