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Broom cupboard

For all the bulky items you have in your household, you can plan the practical broom cupboard. In addition to a hook bar, you have a shelf for cleaning supplies and a solid floor.

So you can neatly store all important accessories next to your brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Tall unit for crates

Another highlight for any utility room is the tall unit for beverage crates. Finally, you have the perfect place to get the crates out of sight.

In addition to the four shelves that you can use not only for beverage crates, but also for other things, you have a solid floor above the multi-purpose shelves.  The shelves are inserted into the cabinet in such a way that you still have access to your bottles, even if they are still in the crate. This saves you the hassle of emptying out and you can better invest the time you’ve gained.

You can choose the following heights: 188,3 cm, 201,3 cm, 214,3 cm for the half-grid and 195 cm, 208 cm and 221 cm in the grid.